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Mobile Service

Our staff recognizes that bringing your pets into our hospital is not always easy for a variety of reasons.  Animals who become anxious in a clinical setting, owners with physical limitations or transportation issues, and multi-pet households are just a few examples.


As part of our ongoing effort to improve patient comfort and to enhance convenience for our clients, Dr. Jan Freeman is taking her 30+ years of veterinary experience on the road.  Dr. Jan and all of us at Thorn Avenue are excited about adding this new twist to our practice’s repertoire.



The focus of our mobile practice will be wellness examinations and routine preventive care measures. Diagnosis and treatment of medical problems and end of life care may also be possible in some cases.  


Doctor is posing with black kitty
Doctor is posing with dog in picture


Because the mobile service is simply an extension of our practice, all facets of your pet’s health care can be handled seamlessly.  Many procedures, including surgery, dentistry, in depth diagnostics and supportive care can only be provided in our hospital environment.


Case continuity will be ensured through our staff’s commitment to excellent communication and maintenance of comprehensive medical records reflecting services provided both at home or in our hospital.


Please refer to the FAQs below to determine if a home visit is right for you and your pet.  If you have additional questions or would like to schedule a house call, please contact us at (716) 667-7250.



Q: What is the cost of your mobile service?


A: Pet owners will be charged a flat-rate house call fee based on driving distance from our animal hospital (as determined by Google maps). Examination fees as well as most other services and medications are the same as if provided in our hospital.  


Payment may be in the form of a check, cash or a credit card called into our hospital.  A final receipt and any other paperwork (e.g. Rabies certificate) will be promptly mailed to you.



Q: How do I schedule a home visit?


A: Simply call our hospital at (716) 667-7250.  Our reception staff will ask a few preliminary questions before passing your contact information on to Dr. Freeman or a veterinary technician who will call you to discuss what your pet needs and to schedule a visit.



Q: Is this service available for emergencies or sick pets?


A: Our goal is to provide an in-home option for routine wellness care.  Very sick animals and 

emergencies usually will require care beyond the scope of our mobile service and are best 

seen in our hospital or at a 24-hour emergency facility. Occasional non-urgent medical problems may be addressed at home on a case-by-case basis.



Q: If my pet needs medication, how will I get it?


A: Our mobile team will make every effort to determine your pet’s need for medications including heartworm and flea/tick preventives, routine dewormers and prescription refills as part of their pre-visit phone call.  We will also carry a small inventory of commonly used medications with us.


In the event that your pet needs something we don’t have along, it can be picked up at the hospital at your convenience.  In some cases, a medication drop-off, delivery by mail or prescription called into a human pharmacy may be possible.


188 Thorn Avenue
Orchard Park, NY​

(716) 667-7250

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